About us

Wineholidays is a Wine Traveller’s Guide relating about wine, people and travelling.

We focus our attention on the following topics: Wine, Humans, Nature, Winemaking, Food, Arts, Music, Fashion, Politics, Business, Sports, Travels and Adventures. In our opinion, wine is an amazing link and excellent motive to get acquainted with the history, culture and lifestyle of different regions of the world. Many important moments of human life are connected with wine – there is no festivity without wine. Wine is a live organism: similar to humans, it is born, it lives, flowers, grows old and dies – but it always gives a pretext for a conversation.

Our Guide features the best wineries, most attractive places, best wines, and of course some unconventional ideas of how to spend time merrily in the company of wine and travel enthusiasts who share our own ideas. If you read of something in this Guide, be sure that the authors have seen it with their own eyes and are telling you what they really believe in and think of.

Wineholidays is a website, mobile application, wine tourist guidebook, Internet magazine, film production company, tourist booking agency, and a marketing, promotion and event company.