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The Fortress Gate

  • Corner of Pushkin and Krepostnaya Streets, Anapa

The Russian, or Turkish, or Fortress Gate is the only survived witness of the Ottoman reign in Anapa, remnants of a mighty and splendid fortress erected in 1783 by French engineers on orders of Emperor Abdullah I.

The Gate was named Russian in honour of the 25th anniversary of liberation of Anapa from the Turks in 1828. The fortress itself did not survive, so we can only guess how it looked like.

Anapa was surrounded with a 4.5-metre wide and 4.5-metre deep stone-clad moat. Both ends of the 8-metre high and 4-km long fortress wall extended to the sea.

Now in summer the Russian Gate is the assembly point for numerous tourist groups. The cannon barrels are favourite objects of photography for the ladies and children.


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