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The One Restaurant & View

Restaurant |
  • 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
  • Rimar Hotel, 44, Kubanskaya Naberezhnaya, Krasnodar
  • rimarhotel.com/the_one
  • food@rimarhotel.com
  • +7 (861) 279 5867

The One Restaurant & View fully justifies its name – it really has a splendid view. From the 12th floor opens a magnificent view of the whole city and the Zaton – the place where a backwater of the Kuban River now turned into a popular recreation area with a beach and boathouse. Be you a stranger or a native of Krasnodar, sometimes you may want to spend an evening in such a place just to sit quietly staring at the environs. The spot may also be an ideal venue for the romantic rendezvous.

The place has quite an adequate kitchen, however it may be not as posh as in other restaurants of the Rimar Hotel.


To sit with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee getting a bird’s view of the city.


A little bit too big loudspeakers in the hall – probably at night the place is used as a dancing ground rather than a restaurant. (Well, probably we are just a little bit too much alert and all may be OK there…)