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The price span for accommodation is rather big, ranging from RUR 350 ($ 11) a day for a bed in a double room at an elderly woman’s around the corner up to some RUR 20,000 ($ 600) a day in a chalet at the beach.

In summer, a standard room with air-conditioning, a shower, TV and other necessities will cost RUR 1,500+ ($ 45+) a day. A room in a 3-star holiday hotel / guesthouse breakfast included will cost no less than RUR 3,000 ($ 90).

Cost of accommodation at the Black Sea differs from that at the Sea of Azov. A hotel room or an apartment at the Azov seaside will be many times cheaper than the same in Anapa or Gelendzhik.



A standard dinner for two at a decent restaurant consisting of 3 meals with wine will cost RUR 3,000+ ($ 90+). A bottle of the cheapest local wine will cost at a restaurant RUR 700 ($ 20).

If you wish or have to save money, call at a café and order a fixed-meal menu at RUR 150+ ($ 5+). You may even be surprise at the decorous setting and quite edible food there – sometimes the locals do care…



A bottle of cheap wine at a shop or supermarket costs RUR 170+ ($ 6+).

However, we do not recommend you to try the cheap draught wine offered everywhere – it has no relation to any legal winery, and eventually it may not be called ‘a wine’ at all. A good quality domestically produced product costs within RUR 200 to 500 ($ 7 – 17) in the medium segment. The price of expensive wine begins at RUR 700 ($ 20).



The price of a taxi varies in different cities, but on the average a trip within the precincts of a city will cost you RUR 100 ($ 3.5). The bus or marshrutka fares also differ; depending upon the distance they may cost from RUR 11 to 25 ($ 0.3 – 0.8).